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Why Yulup? The benefits of using Yulup


Yulup is about requirements engineering, living documentation, continuous integration, testing, delivery and deployment.

Yulup guides, coaches, and supports you through the overall process of a project, from gathering business requirements, to behaviour driven development, to continuous testing and continuous deployment for operations. Just as DevOps bridges the gap between development and operations, Yulup bridges the gap between all major project stages

  • Specification (business analysis and requirements engineering)
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Operations

Save Time

We all know it - you never got enough time! For sure not on an software project...

Detailed Specification Written in a Common Language

The specification is being done in the business language using approved and established elements. This way it is easy to understand for non-technicians, too. And misunderstandings will be avoided. Client and contractor can directly discuss the specification and where necessary do adaptations on the fly.

Save Time at the Other Phases of the Project as Well

Thanks to Yulup you can also save quite some time at the implementation, the testing, and the acceptance of the project as you can directly reuse the elements built in Yulup.
You will save time during all phases of the project. And you will be able to do your job more easily and successful!

Save Money

There are just few things more exasperating than – when after some time, it gets obvious – that all involved parties have been talking about the same, but having rather different things in mind.

Avoid Misunderstandings

With Yulup the whole team is working with the same tool. You do the specification in a non-technical language that is comprehensible for every one of the team. This helps avoiding subsequent, expensive Changes.

More Efficient Testing

Do less testing! But do not reduce the quality of testing, just the amount of time used for it. Yulup shows you for each sprint, expansion, or update what has to be tested and what can be neglected.

Save Your Project

Save money & time – and keep the overview!

Living Documentation

Thanks to Yulup the whole team, if wished even the client, is using the same tool. The results of the requirements engineering do not get dusty. They are at hand with a single click during the complete duration of your project. And if desired, the specification/documentation can be continuously adapted to changing or new requirements.

On Target Implementation

During the implementation, the developers (or designers, copy writers or information architects) are provided with clear and sufficiently detailed information. And any member of the team has access to it, anywhere, anytime, and always to the latest version. This enables the implementation to be done more successfully.

Assurance While Testing

Thanks to Yulup you will always know, which test are still to be done. So you can rest assured that your system remains fully functional and as flawless as possible.

Easy Acceptance Testing

Yulup enables you to simplify acceptance testing of the specification or the final product.

Some of the reasons we think you might like Yulup:

  • Better planning of your project
  • Less misunderstandings and disputes
  • Higher quality of the resulting software
  • Reusing specification/documentation makes you more efficient
  • More success and joy in your job — no more nights where your project keeps you awake

So why don't you give it a try? You have nothing to lose. But there's a lot in it, for you and your team!

Yulup supports you in doing a great job with a lot of features!

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