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Feature requests

How to make feature requests

To make feature requests, please send an email to with the following information:

and let us know whether you would like us to mention your name in order to give you credit or whether you rather like to stay anonymous.

Recent feature requests

Workflow notifications

Each time a BDD scenario is submitted for review it says that is notified even though project is private and there are no other team members. When project is created, then either a custom workflow should be created 'projects/f4a00747-0a46-4e05-aaae-d3bd5cdd03b1/workflow-bdd-scenario.xml', or the default workflow should not contain the email address of Michael.

Also see BDD Scenario Receive notification when workflow status is changed

Submitted 2020.01.31 by Irmin Dzevlan

Workflow status label

It would be nice to make workflow status label more obvious (possibly move it to the main right section). Also it would be useful if dropdown title for workflow actions would reflect actual state.

Also see User Story Change Workflow Status of Persona, User Story, or BDD Scenario

Submitted 2020.01.31 by Irmin Dzevlan

Referencing Personas, User Stories and BDD Scenarios

It would be nice to be able to reference other Personas, User Stories and BDD Scenarios from within the content, for example by using the @ sign (@bdd-134).

Submitted 2018.04.18 by Thomas Baumann

Improve "Delete" of "Manage categories"

Show dialog in order to confirm deleting a category. Show dialog, when user tries to delete Persona, User Story, BDD Scenario or non-empty category.

Submitted 2018.04.18 by Thomas Baumann

Improve "Edit -> Copy/Paste" of "Manage categories"

Disable Copy/Paste as long as Copy/Paste of objects is not implemented on the backend.

Submitted 2018.04.18 by Thomas Baumann

Copy BDD Scenario

There are often BDD Scenarios which are similar, but not the same. In order to make creating BDD Scenarios more efficient, it would be nice being able to copy an existing BDD Scenario.

Also see BDD Scenario Copy BDD Scenario

Submitted 2017.07.11 by Kevin Seidler

Either remove or replace popup when updating categories

When a category is added, removed or renamed, or when an item is moved from one category into another category, then one has to wait until the popup is being displayed, that the action was successful. This is rather annoying.

Also see BDD Scenario Add a new category into the categories tree

Submitted 2017.04.26 by Kevin Seidler

Expand categories on specification tab when there are only a few categories / items (Personas, User Stories, BDD Scenarios)

Currently categories are collapsed when loading the specification page/tab, even when there are only very few categories. When there are only few categories (e.g. less than 3), then the categories should be expanded by default.

Also see BDD Scenario View Specification of Project

Submitted 2017.04.19 by Guest

Simplify updating code snippets inside TinyMCE

In order to update a code snipped one has to click explicitely on the code snippet icon. It would be more user friendly, when one could click on the code snippet content and the code snippet editing form would open automatically.

Submitted 2017.04.19 by Guest

Improve Jira integration

Develop a Jira plugin, in order to display the content of a BDD Scenario inside a Jira issue.

Also see BDD Scenario Link BDD Scenario with third-party task tracking tool

Submitted 2016.11.04 by Guest

Upload/Attach story map image

I would like to be able to attach a recent image of my story map to the specification page/tab.

Submitted 2016.11.04 by Guest

Export specification as excel

I would like to be able to export the specification (personas, user stories and bdd scenarios) as excel (additionally to the HTML and PDF version).

Submitted 2016.11.03 by Guest

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