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Sometimes life can be quite complicated! So are most of the software projects. That is why Yulup offers a price plan without hurdles and tripwires!

  • Public projects or open source projects are free
  • Collaborate with as many colleagues as you want — no additional costs
  • Non-public projects are billed on a monthly basis

Yulup convinces through its benefits and features. Thus, Yulup uses no minimum term of contract. You delete a project, and it won't be billed the next month onwards. Free accounts with no limitation on features.
As simple as Yulup!

Public Projects
$ 0 per month
First Project
$ 5 per month
Projects 2 - 10
$ 50 per month and per project
Projects 11 - 100
$ 45 per month and per project
Contact us when starting your 101st project.

Additional Services

Yulup on-premises Request pricing
Consulting and coaching,
courses and workshops,
development of automatic tests,
authoring or execution of manual tests
Request pricing
Workers*) $ 100 per month and per worker
*) A worker is a virtual server instance where your automatic tests will be executed within a safe environment.

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