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Top Features of Yulup Support throughout all project stages


Yulup accompanies you through your project: one team – one tool!

Everyone will be able to use Yulup, and Yulup helps in every phase of your project. Yulup supports you on agile projects as it does on 'traditional' projects.


Behaviour Driven Development – Behaviour Driven Project

Yulup takes on the concept of Behaviour Driven Development and applies it to all phases of the project.

Already during the conceptual design, at the requirements engineering / writing the specification proven methodologies and tools get used.


Requirements Engineering/Specification

You build up the specification in three stages. The easiest way is to define the Personas at the beginning of the requirements engineering. Personas represent the future users of the software to be built.

When you write the User Stories you can directly use the Personas. This way you can roughly define the scope of you project.

Finally, you will use BDD Scenarios to capture the behaviour of your future software under certain circumstances. The BDD Scenarios also serve as acceptance criteria for your User Stories.

No Lock-In!

Yulup offers you the possibility to export your specification at any time. So, you can continue to use it in any kind of document or tool.


Revolutionizing Testing

Everybody knows about the importance of testing. Nevertheless, it is still the problem child within software development. Either you are in lack of time, or one doesn't know whether all necessary or the right things have been tested.

Testing starts already when the specification is being written and then re-used for development and testing itself (all in the same ONE language), which means less misunderstandings and much more efficiency.

That is where Yulup comes into play: after a change within your software code, Yulup tells you what needs to be tested. And 'how', because the BDD Scenarios are the acceptance criteria for the User Stories. You can capture the outcome of the manual tests directly online.

Let's be real, there are always a lot of manual tests, which are either still too complicated to automate or it is not worth the effort. Hence Yulup allows to mix manual and automatic tests.

Incremental testing, which means faster test results, better scalability, and change/test associations that are documented.

This helps you to get the certainty that all necessary functions have been tested with reduced effort.

Yulup will revolutionize testing by using "Natural Language Processing / Artificial Intelligence" to generate and execute tests automatically.




Due to the workflow of the elements of the specification you can easily schedule them as soon as they are set 'ready for implementation'. The developers, or copy writers, or graphic designers can always access the latest version of the elements of the specification at a single location. And the whole team is working on a shared, reliable basis.

Linkage with Code Repositories

Thanks to the connection of Yulup with a code repository/SCM all developers get notified as soon as the code base gets changed. This way all can use the latest status and Yulup shows you which tests have to be conducted due to the changes.

Yulup also shows you on a per branch basis, when which code files have been changed.


Support with acceptance testing

Yulup will be of help when approving the specification as well as at the acceptance testing at the end of a project or a change request.

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